Food Regulatory Affairs Expertise

Legislation has far reaching implications for food products, and there are rules laid down affecting the manufacturing, composition, labelling and claims for foods. The regulatory framework for foods continues to evolve and develop. We appreciate that even seemingly small changes to legislation can have a significant impact on your business. It’s important to keep abreast of developments affecting your business so that you maintain compliance and any changes required are handled efficiently and implemented properly.

Our particular expertise in the specialist nutrition sectors means that we can be relied upon to provide comprehensive advice on regulatory affairs issues in this sector. We have an up-to-date understanding of the regulatory framework for foods and formulas for infants and specialised nutrition products, such as medical foods. In the EU, there are specific rules governing the composition, labelling and promotion of these products. In the USA, there is a complex array of provisions for the manufacture, quality control and evaluation of infant formulas and regulations governing ingredients for food use.

For other sectors of the food industry, changes triggered by the evolving regulatory framework means that the composition, labelling and marketing of food products is under on-going review. For all foods, there is a wide range of consumer safety and information provisions in food legislation that cover aspects such as food hygiene, labelling, food additives, contaminants, and nutrition and health claims. Our many years of experience in food regulatory affairs means that we are able help clients navigate the regulations covering their sector and how these should be complied with. Having represented the views of the specialist nutrition industry in discussions with the EU Commission and UK Government bodies, we can advise on effective strategies for voicing support or objections to legislative changes that affect your business.