Nutritional Science Expertise

Initiatives such as the Public Health Responsibility Deal aim to improve public health through diet by reducing calorie, fat, salt and sugar content of food products. Special products for infants and children have an important role in meeting growth and development requirements as well as contributing to a healthy diet. Many acute and chronic disorders require specialised medical foods to achieve nutritional requirements as part of a tailored dietary intake. Therefore, health benefits of foods are a key development driver for products for health and clinical disorders.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience of the specialist nutrition sectors, including medical foods, foods developed for use in infancy and early years, and health foods. Having worked in the food industry, we appreciate the complexities of product design and manufacture and so can effectively work with you to develop products with up-to-date nutritional profiles. We have an interest in the nutritional needs of paediatric patients (e.g. metabolic-, food allergic- and GI- disorders) and the emerging role of the intestinal microbiota in human health and disease.

There is a wealth of information in the medical and scientific literature on the relationship between diet, health and disease. Drawing on the latest research, interpreting and presenting this information in an appropriate style is key for all types of professional and consumer focused reports and literature.

We have significant experience reviewing scientific literature in the context of dietary practices to generate tailored reports for both professionals and consumers. We have drafted manuscripts for scientific papers for publication. We have experience undertaking systematic review of published literature. We have a broad experience undertaking nutrition studies to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, which can be applied to the drafting or reviewing of a range of clinical trial, scientific or medical communication documents.